Paddle Boards… Inflatable or Rigid?

The short version
 Get an inflatable SUP… More often than not – it’s the right answer. Hence the inflatable models are taking over the market as the accessibility of the Watersports bike suits most needs over the rigid models… Customers looking for ultimate performance in the waves or for racing would naturally look towards the rigid models.. But even in the racing on flat, calm days our inflatable riders are taking the podium spots… But not in the choppy, breezy races! For example one of our leading brands Red Paddle Co offer performance and serious race winning inflatable paddle boards like the Elite series with ground breaking features to ensure ultimate performance in racing like their patented RSS batten system! So there is now even more reason to choose Inflatable than there was before!  

The long version…….
 Inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs) outsell their rigid cousins by at least ten to one, but which is right for you? In other words, are the advantages of iSUPs overblown, or should you stick rigidly to a fibreglass SUP?

As well as our excellent website we have always been and always will be a bricks and mortar shop too, run by some of the most experienced water sports experts ANYWHERE.  Nothing beats checking out the kit for yourself and it also we can check you out too…!


Your size, weight, experience, aspirations
Logistic stuff like budget, ways to pay, storage issues
Choosing the right paddle and other accessories 

We have a huge selection of rigid boards and iSUPs from the world’s leading brands including Red Paddle Co, Fanatic, JP, O’Shea, RRD and Aloha to name a few! Please note - all our iSUPs are top quality from established manufacturers that have a pedigree in the water sports industry. There is some cheap ‘stuff’ out there that may be OK as a beach toy but little else. Our brands will perform better, last longer, look better and hold their value. And of course the back-up is there from us at H2O Sports. For most the benefits of an iSUP outweigh the slight performance advantages of a rigid board. Come and look, touch, pick up and smell (if you like..) a modern iSUP and you’ll see what we mean. It’s fun in a bag!

We’ve produced a list of pros and cons to help you to the right decision: But we're open seven days a week so please do call to chat through anything 01202 733744

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