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Join us for a social and informal chat from the Professional Fanatic and Duotone Riders focused around the new and exciting world of Foiling... With a focus on the Newly developed foil wing from Duotone and the correct options of Foils to suit your weight, and requirements...  Then on the Saturday we'll be taking to the water to clear your heads and running taster sessions ever hour to give you a go at this new and fast developing sport... No wind No problems as we'll have a boat for getting to grips with the foil side of things! Details below. We'll have all things Duotone, Fanatic SUP and Windsurf available and maybe some sneak peeks of the 2020 range!  


Friday 19th July - Evening Social From 7PM at Coast / H20

Join us on Friday 19th July at the Shop (91 Saltern's Road, Poole, BH14 8BL) For an informal Chat / Presentation from the Professional Team Riders on the new and exciting world of Foiling! Covering Windsurfing, SUP, Prone and the new Foil Wing it's self! From 7pm Onwards


Saturday 20th July On Water Event (Exact location TBC in Poole pending forecast)

The aim depending on the weather will be to get wet and try everything and everything from Fanatic and Duotone... Taster sessions on the Wing Foil,  Windsurf Foil and Paddle boards... No Wind! no problem - we've got Boats for some foil towing... To get to grips with at least the foil part! Something for everyone from beginner to expert!  Trust us , we do it for a living and yet every year we still learn loads from the professionals...

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