Fanatic Paddle Board has the same owners and faces as H20 Sports ltd... Our customer feed back was that a brand this big, needs its own specific website site for you to shop all things Fanatic! So here it is for you to shop and browse on...  Knowing that it's the same friendly faces behind the scene. We were founded in the spring of 2004 bringing together a collection of passionate water sports partners with the vision of a one stop water sports warehouse and developed into one of the leading E-Commerce sites... Still located in one of the most prime locations in the UK. Poole Harbour the Mecca of water sports...

To achieve our goal and credit to there success today, customer service, extensive and superior knowledge, care and attention to detail, Product Choice and going that extra yard to ensure everyone and anyone's experience with water sports is one to remember! Adapting to the ever changing buying preferences of our customers, feed back was you wanted a specific Fanatic paddle boarding site! So here we are delivering that.... Everything Fanatic in one place, powered by the lovely folk to know and trust at H20 Sports...  Being avid water sports enthusiasts most to a professional level and all members of the team are water sports instructors across the board... With more year experience in retail and distribution than most shops put together you can be assured beyond reasonable doubt that the advice you'll receive  is second to none... If your already one of there valued customer - The team thanks you for your continued support!

If you're a new potential customer - go on give the Experts a try... You won't regret it.




Pretty much the "God Father" of the windsurfing Industry. With his extensive knowledge there isn't a lot Matt dosen't know or hasn't done... Teaching & Coaching, Distribution... Matt now gets lumbered with all the very boring jobs but keep the business in order! And us...



You'll find me on the water or hiding upstairs keeping a handle on the day to day business... Now a proud Father, I'm taking a back seat in the water world and enjoying getting my family up to speed with our wonderful sports! Still enjopying Windsuring, Kitesurfing (Back injuy now prevents me from wakeboarding) But very keen on the foiling world and getting to grips with the Wing foil...


Steve Lucas 

E-Commerce Manager

Steve joins us to manage the ever growing needs of our website... Steve's background is marketing, design and e-commerce. Passion is Windsurfing and bikes... Don't be surprised if you see more bikes on our website in the future!

Jack Ely 

Store Manager

Jack, Son of Matt - Joins us this year and is taking the store by the horns... Jack keeps on top of the day to day orders and if your popping in the store you'll defintly see him as your point of contact


Our Fanatic Paddle Board Store offices work out of our main HQ at 91 Saltern's road where it meets the main Sandbanks Road which is on the way from Poole Civic centre heading towards the beaches. Our Physical store and e-commerce business operate all from this main location... With plenty of exclusive free parking on the forecourt.

91 Salterns Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 8BL

Tel : 01202 733 744


Opening hrs:

Open 7 days a week;

Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 5pm)

Sunday 10am-4pm

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

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